We partner with Black and Latinx communities to build power to re-design education, health, economic, and justice systems to be just and equitable for all. One of the ways we work with communities to build power is through entrepreneur support.

We support early-stage companies ready for scale and provide curriculum, coaching, and connections as they spark wealth-creating job growth in communities with whom we partner.

We engage the community through facilitating meaningful connections and amplifying residents voices to inform critical decisions that impact their lives. We also train community members to create new policy solutions, advocate, and lead change. We envision a future where we all have to power to lead, so every community prospers.

About the Opportunity

WEPOWER will soon launch our inaugural Accelerator for startups who are ready to scale their companies. Our accelerator will support a cohort of 10 teams over a six-month cycle. Throughout the six-months, companies will access workshops (designed by Village Capital), a mentor team, connections to technical service providers (legal, finance, HR, marketing), community-building experiences, and coaching from a dynamic and experienced Coach. By the end of the six-months, companies will: (1) be investment ready, (2) attracting new capital, (3) and scaling their ventures.

WEPOWER has a targeted focus on Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are less than three-years old, have launched with an MVP, have some early traction, and ready to scale but limited access to capital and support. As the coach of the founding teams of these companies, you will be their go-to person as they navigate the exciting and challenging journey of growth and success.

After Six Months, We Will Celebrate…

  1. Companies demonstrating tangible and measurable growth including achievement of 2-3 major milestones throughout the 6-month program.
  2. Company teams feeling supported and empowered to lead company growth and prepared to navigate challenges and opportunities beyond the formal accelerator program.
  3. Companies access to capital to support scale.

You Will…

  • Co-create a growth and development plan for each company, mapping out where they should be by the end of the accelerator and how they will get there. This will be aligned to Village Capital’s VIRAL Pathway.
  • Facilitate bi-weekly coaching sessions with each company team. The nature of the coaching will vary based on the needs and circumstances of each company and the curricular themes for the month. During coaching sessions and in-between, serve as a partner on strategy development, problem solving, accountability around reaching key milestones and benchmarks, network building, and social emotional wellbeing.
  • Work with the Director of Company Development & Investments and each company’s mentor team to broker meaningful connections and introductions.
  • Continuously affirm the company team, their identity, abilities, and potential to achieve impact and growth.
  • Continuously challenge the company team to explore ways in which they are advancing racial equity within their company and among the communities in which they work–continuously reflecting upon win-win decisions and strategies that are beneficial to the company and the community. Checkout WEPOWER's Founders' Commitment.
  • Work with the Director of Company Development & Investments and each company’s mentorship team to support each company with the development of a post-accelerator growth plan.

Your Experience Includes…

The following language comes from Camelback Ventures 2019 Coach Role Description.

  • You have been or are currently an executive/leadership coach working with startup entrepreneurs. Your track record includes working with diverse clients who can detail how you have helped them both personally and professionally to take their idea from vision to scale (e.g., strategic planning, product development, marketing, stakeholder development, etc).

  • You have been on the founding team of at least one startup. Maybe you celebrated that startup’s successful exit, or maybe you celebrated its failure, but you’ve learned a lot from both and you’re eager to share this wisdom with others who are not as far along on the path.

  • You have done the critical personal work around identity development, equity, inclusion. Our Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds. Understanding their lived experiences, meeting them where they are, and helping them navigate their journey as entrepreneurs and helping them to clarify their value proposition is critical to their success and sustainability now and in future. It is imperative that our coaches have identified and are continually working through their biases and potential unrecognized privilege so that they can provide the best coaching to our Fellows.

  • You have heard more than once: “Wow, you know everybody!” You have authentic and powerful relationships that you are happy to work to move people and their ventures forward.


  • Are a developer of people.
  • Are strategic and analytical.
  • Are results oriented.
  • Know how to have fun!

Compensation & Estimated Time Commitment

This is a contract position with a competitive hourly rate beginning in November 2019 and concluding in July 2020.

The estimated time commitment will be approximately six-eight hours per month per company which includes pre-session preparation, 60-minute bi-weekly check-ins with company teams, post-session follow-up, and check-ins with the Director of Venture Development & Investments. (E.g. if you are assigned 5 company teams, the estimated time commitment will be 40 hours per month over six months, not including company training sessions, cohort community gatherings, and closing ceremony/pitch day.)

There will be a 32 hours of mandatory training prior to engaging with the company teams. There will be compensation at a competitive hourly rate for attendance.

Additionally, we encourage coaches to attend training sessions, cohort community gatherings, and the closing ceremony/pitch day.